Mental Health Law and Policy

Video presentation on
Mental Health Law

Introductory flyer – View video below.

Decision-makers at various levels of government

This slide is from the above video presentation.  Under it is a list that serves as a quick reference to the legislators and policy-makers at each level of government (except at the “global” level) and how you can contact them. This information is also available at our Contacts for Advocacy page.

Who are your elected representatives?

How to find your elected representatives:

FEDERAL LEVEL:  Find your Senators and Representatives (Congressmembers): – This page has many links to lots of resources.

STATE LEVEL:   Find your California State Senator and Assemblymember: – Here you can find your California state Senators and Assembly members, how to contact them, committees they serve on and how they shape our lives in the Golden State.

COUNTY LEVEL:  Identify your Alameda County District member of the Board of Supervisors: