Actions You Can Take to Help the Cause

Support passage of California Senate Bill 43. 

    Sen. Eggman’s Grave Disability bill passed the Senate Appropriations Committee and will come up for vote on the Senate floor some time in the next week and a half. FASMI and most other family advocates strongly support it.  SB-43 allows people with serious mental illness to be conserved because of “significant deterioration, debilitation, or illness” due to the person’s failure to meet their need for medical care, nourishment, adequate clothing and shelter, and personal safety.

    Write to your State Senator telling them you want them to support SB-43 as it is. (In the East Bay, your Senator might be Nancy Skinner, Buffy Wicks, Aisha Wahab, or Steve Glazer. Use the finder tool if you are not sure.)   You can use NAMI’s or Treatment Advocacy Center’s interactive letter-writing tools to help write the letter.  If you know someone with serious mental illness deteriorating on the street who suffers from untreated medical conditions, or puts him/herself in danger, you could mention that.   Your experience is valuable to decisionmakers.