Week of December 12-16, 2022

Mon., Dec. 12, @ 9:30 a.m. the BOS Health Committee meets.  Agenda.  Link.  Four items on the agenda: 1. A report on the County’s eight Community Health Centers (e.g., La Clínica and Lifelong).  Why there is a long wait to get appointments, especially for dental work and mental health, and why it takes many months to hire providers, especially behavioral health providers:  lagging reimbursement rates from the state. // 2. A recommendation that Measure A money be spent:  $366 k (one time) on the Recipe4Health program (which gave bags of produce and/or health coaching to 2200 people), $360 k for ambulance service for the HealthPAC program (which serves 23,000 uninsured people) plus $660 k for RedMane case management software (HealthPACs old software is being discontinued). // 3. A report on past and future bond initiatives for affordable housing. // 4. A report on Medi-Cal’s plan to unwind most of the 100+ emergency provisions they implemented during the soon-to-end COVID emergency.  For example, no one has been dropped from Medi-Cal as disqualified since March 2020. Enrollment increased by 170,000 during that period.  Ninety days after the end of the federal emergency they will start re-evaluating people’s eligibility, and some people will no doubt lose their benefits.

Mon., Dec. 12, @ 1:30 p.m., the BOS Personnel/Administration/Legislation (PAL) Committee meetsAgenda.  Link. The Health Care Services Agency is asking for an endorsement of two federal bills letting prisoners keep their Medi-Cal:  HR 9555 and S. 285 would make prisoners eligible for Medi-Cal 30 days before release, and S. 3050 would let people in pre-trial detention keep their Medi-Cal.  “People diagnosed with a serious and persistent mental illness make up over 20% of the incarcerated population”.

Tues., Dec. 13, @ 9:30 a.m., the AlaCo BOS meets.  Agenda.  Link.  The open session may begin at 10:45.Public comment is allowed at the very beginning of the meeting, during discussion of agenda items, and at the very end.  Some items: 1.  Authorizes applying for money to state’s Transitional Housing Program for youth in foster care and on probation. // 6.  Increases contract amounts with CBOs to provide Medi-Cal and Cal-Fresh navigation (because increased state money is available). // 7.  Increases Telecare’s $57 M contract by $3 M to include managing the Crisis Stabilization Unit at the adolescent mental hospital Willow Rock. 8.  Increases by $1.4 M a contract with HHREC (Health and Human Resource Education Center) to (among other things) assist ACBH’s Health Equity Division and plan the African American Wellness Hub.  Money is from the Mental Health Services Act. // 9.  Approves $467 k to hire the equivalent of three full-time people in the Office of Homeless Care and Coordination to support Cal-AIM Housing Community Support Services.  $217 K of this has to come from the General Fund until expected Medi-Cal revenue materializes (not at all clear). // 10.  Extends the County’s July 2018 declaration of a “shelter crisis” until the end of 2024. // 11.  HCSA asks for $12 k of federal Urban Areas Security Initiative money for 16 patient tracking devices and software to be used after disasters to allocate hospital beds.  No further details about the devices here. // 26.  Raises salaries for Director of HCSA (by 8%) and Assistant Chief Probation Officer (by 10%) // 28.  Contracts with VOX network services ($2.99 M) to maintain the County’s old phone system Avaya; the contract will end when Avaya is decommissioned (January 2024?) // 29.  Increases a contract with Aramark Correctional Services by $278 k for food provided to the jail through 6/23; Aramark needs the money to “provide a greater variety of foods and nutrients” as recommended in a 2019 “Alameda County Public Health Safety” report.

Tues., Dec. 13, (time TBA), the BOS will hold a Special Meeting or Work Session.  The agenda should be posted here at some point.

Wed., Dec. 14, @ 4:30 p.m., the Criminal Justice Subcommittee of the MHAB should meet.  Link. They will discuss what they plan to talk about in the next year.

Thurs., Dec. 15, at 10:00 a.m., the Public Protection Committee of the BOS will meet.  Eventually an agenda with link will be posted here.

EVENT: Fri., Dec. 16, @ 4:30 p.m., there will be a candlelight vigil for Mark Rippee at 1119 East Monte Vista Ave., in Vacaville.