Speak up for those with SMI Care and Treatment First Challenge the Status Quo
Speak up for those with SMI
Join us in advocating for persons with serious mental illness.
Care and Treatment First
Not incarceration. Not homelessness. Not abandonment.
Challenge the Status Quo
Join with other California family advocates


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SATURDAY, November 11, at 10:30 a.m. on zoom.

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Let's make this senseless system make sense.

Serious Mental Illness
& Our Stories

                Learn about serious mental illness 

                 in the spectrum of “mental health”

         and related issues such as anosognosia.

                          Read & share some stories

                              of our lived experience.

Mental Health Law
& Decision-Makers

Learn about mental health law,
who makes policy  and
what affects the decisions.

Learn how to be an advocate.
Participate:  Actions you can take!

Decipher the alphabet soup of 

                        acronyms & abbreviations.

                  Learn key terms in mental health.

      Reading list of relevant & helpful books, etc.

Status of Legislation

Keep up-to-date re what's happening
in State and Federal legislatures.
Also find local policy & funding updates

All Around the Region

Information and activities from
groups in and around
Northern California